Casting For Recovery Fly-tying 2007

CTFF members tied 15 sets of flies and flyboxes that were used 2007 Casting For Recovery Texas Retreat that was held April 20-22 at Joshua Creek Ranch near Boerne. Even though the Texas Retreat receives flies from the national organization, donated by other tyers, they often do not match what works in the Texas Hill Country, knowing this short-coming CTFF members donated their time and efforts to make sure that each participant had a set of flies and a box to use during and after the Retreat.

After the Retreat, we received the following email from the Texas Retreats Coordinator:

First, thank you for the wonderful fly boxes y'all prepared for our retreat! We gave them to the women the first night of the retreat and they LOVED them! I'm attaching a few photos from the retreat. Feel free to share them with your club.

Susan Gaetz
Texas Retreats Coordinator
Casting for Recovery

  • 2007 Texas Retreat Participants
  • Stacy Lynn Trimble with a retreat participant
  • Fly box containing the flies provided by CTFF
  • Fly-tying at the retreat
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We look forward to making a bigger contribution for the Retreats to be held in 2008. If you'd like to join us in our efforts, please post on our fly-tying message board.

For additional information about Casting For Recovery, please visit the Casting For Recovery website.

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