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Monthly Newsletter of the Central Texas Flyfishers April/May 2002 Vol. 8 No. 4

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President: Joel Chavez
Vice President: Angela Arciniega-Rodriguez
Conservation: Billy Wofford
Outings: Michael Brown
Secretary: Marcus Rodriguez
Treasurer: Bob Blagg

Clip Art from Dave Whitlock

Spring is Here

It seems like it was a very long winter. Luckily, winters here in Central Texas are mild and good fly fishing can be had on any given day. There has been a lot going on in April and even more stuff happening in May. It has been decided that the newsletter be for April and May.

We have experienced Fish-Ins, river clean ups, trips out of state, surgeries, and can expect May to be just as busy.

It is nice to see the river bottoms sprouting green foliage again. Pecan trees, cottonwoods, cypress, and other trees are starting to cast shadows on the waters we fly fish. The shadows shroud the fish we seek in mystery and keep from our eyes the secrets of the rivers. If I know yall the way I think I do, then I expect the secrets of our rivers are being threatened by the "fishing-est" group that I know. I have seen several CTFF members on the river and I have heard a lot of stories. The fish and the rivers are yours to enjoy. Take advantage...Take advantage.

Marcus Rodriguez


The Texas Fish In

This April, Justin Millikan set up and hosted the Texas Fish-In. This was an opportunity for people around the state and in some cases, around the country to enjoy a weekend on a Texas river.

There was a very good turn out for a weekend of fly fishing, fly tying, good food and plenty of lies. Several members from CTFF joined in the festivities and helped the people from out of town feel at home.

All in all it was a great day. Justin has been very active in promoting fly fishing in Texas. It is apparent that Justin is in it for the love of the sport.

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Clip Art from Dave Whitlock

The Perch Master's Classic at Town Lake, Austin

On April 20, 2002 the Austin Fly Fishers held their annual Perch Master's Classic at Town Lake in Austin, Texas. The event was a huge success and CTFF members did make a show at the tournament. Michael Brown guided Justin Millikan for the length of the tournament. Michael had won the tournament last year and decided that he would use his expertise in "jerkin' perch" to guide one of his fellow CTFF members. Also, Michael was very ready to get the Perch Master trophy out of his office.

From what I understand, the day was beautiful, but windy. Mike guided Justin to about 50 perch and several bass. The winner of the Classic won with a catch in the 30's. Justin had over 30 fish before lunchtime! Justin and Mike missed their win at the Perch Master's Classic by a mere 10 minutes! The two had stopped for hydration and missed the weigh in. It is my opinion that Austin Fly Fishers or the judges at the Classic should have counted Justin's fish. Every angler knows that being late is a part of the game. Just ask my wife.

Here is to a job well done. Austin Fly Fishers have once again hosted another successful Perch Master's Classic. The winners are all those who were able to enjoy the day and fly fish for a good cause.

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San Marcos River Clean Up

Matt and Clyde Jennings, Michael Brown, Steve and Ann Batchelor, Kevin Duren, Brian Watson, Ken and Charlotte Jones, Bill Webb, Billy Wofford and Terry Blackwell all arrived at the San Marcos River Clean Up loaded for bear (or loaded for trash anyway). It was a great turnout. CTFF can always be counted on when it comes to lending a helping hand, especially when it comes to helping to protect our home waters.

What is really nice is that several groups from other places felt that the San Marcos River is deserving of a good cleaning. It is a shame that within a year, people will trash up such a beautiful river. It is good to know that we have groups that feel the San Marcos River is worth protecting. Because of the efforts of all the groups attending we can be assured a bright future for the San Marcos River.


Holding Poetry in Your Hands

To hold poetry in your hands
must feel like a trout
Sentences squirm from your grip.
Beautiful colors fill your gaze.
Release it before it dies!
Release it on the page!

Marcus Rodriguez

Two CTFF Members Speak
Concerning the Introduction to Fly Fishing held at the Tye Preston Library in Sattler, Texas

I just wanted to say that I have been in this club for quite awhile and I've seen us do a bunch of good community work, but I was really impressed with the initiative and spirit of giving shown by those who helped with the Tye Preston Library presentation. I think that it should be said that this whole thing sprung forth from a small acorn that planted itself firmly in Ken Jones' head and he just went and did it. So everyone that was there should pat themselves on the back, but Ken needs to go ahead and strut about the room and crow a few times too. Nice work; I liked the turnout and really came away feeling like some people that had wanted to learn about fly fishing came away with some good information. I think the book and video presentation left a fine legacy for people who come after us to fly fish the Canyon Lake area.

Thanks to all that participated, you do good work, I am still proud to be associated with this club after all these years.

Take care, Matt Jennings

Hey guys,

I merely wanted to thank everyone who showed up at the Tye Preston Library in Sattler last Saturday. From my standpoint, it was a huge success, we had a lot of interest being shown by both the youngsters of the community as well as the adults. It is interesting to note that the some of the adults came alone, some accompanied their kids but all came to learn and I believe they got the seeds of adventure planted. It would not surprise me to see some of them on the river in the near future. Ken, you and Charlotte deserve to be congratulated for taking the ball and running with it. Working with these kids made me very proud to be associated with the CTFF simply because of the support we can garner at any given opportunity for such a worthy cause.

A tip of the rod as a salute to all
Bill Wofford

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