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Monthly Newsletter of the Central Texas Flyfishers February, 2002 Vol. 8 No. 2

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February 8, 2002
Kid Fish at A. E. Wood Fish Hatchery in San Marcos, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

February 12, 2002
CTF Meeting at Lion's Club Pavilion, City Park in San Marcos, 7:00 p.m.

February 26, 2002
Fly Tying night at Bob Blagg's Vet hospital (Tickle-Blagg) Located on Hwy 80, right across from Race Trac and Wal-Mart

To be determined
Monthly Outing, white bass fishing, location -- where ever they're running. Check the website for details.



President: Joel Chavez
Vice President: Angela Arciniega-Rodriguez
Conservation: Billy Wofford
Outings: Michael Brown
Secretary: Marcus Rodriguez
Treasurer: Bob Blagg

Clip Art from Dave Whitlock

Word from the President:
Banquet a Success

As many of you know, the club held it's annual banquet at the Southside Community Center in San Marcos on Saturday, January 26 at 7:00pm. After the blessing of the food and a brief introduction of the former and new president by Billy Wofford, we commenced the chow down. We had approximately forty people attend and enjoy the fine food provided by Fushchak's BBQ. There were countless side dishes along with the most wonderful cheese cake and peach cobbler my palate has ever encountered. Great job guys and gals! As part of the entertainment we held drawings for prizes. They included everything from hooks to rainbow trout, well a ceramic trout anyway. The club also held a silent auction for prizes such as a float tube from Academy, a fishing vest donated by Gruene Outfitters, a back pack/cooler donated by Blackwell's Best and other items too numerous to mention. I want to take the time to thank everyone for their hard work in making this year's banquet a great success. Great job guys!

Joel Chavez

P.S. The rattlesnake eggs were awesome!


Clip Art from Dave Whitlock

Member of the Month:
Angela Arciniega-Rodriguez

(Editor's note: This is the first time that I have done this column. I did not have time to pick a member, interview or get them the questions and put it in the newsletter. I picked Angela, my wife (who else… Johnny?). I will draw a name at each monthly meeting from here on out. Watch out! You may be our next victim.)

How did you get started fly fishing?

I started fly fishing when I met my husband Marcus. Our first few dates were on the river.

What is your favorite river, fish, and fly?

The Devil's River, Rio Grande Perch, Clouser with big bead chain eyes, chartreuse over white.

What is your dream fly fishing destination?

A canoe trip down the Amazon for Peacock Bass.

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered while fishing?

I get chills when ever I float through Stairtown on the San Marcos River. I get a weird vibe there. There has to have been a few dead bodies on that stretch.

What is your biggest fish on a fly?

I caught a huge, pale looking Rio Grande Perch that was way bigger than my hand.

What is your favorite place to eat after a hard days fishing?

Herbert's Mexican Food. Chalupa plate.

What is your favorite beverage after a hard days fishing?
A pint of Guiness.

Marcus Rodriguez

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Around the Next Bend

A few months have passed since I last shared my thoughts in this column. For obvious reasons my writing didn't seem to be nearly as important as being in the company of my family and friends. When I think about the time spent in this manner, it's hard not to smile.

I like to think of fly fishing as an old friend and confidant, something to help me sort things out by focusing on the many things that we do when fishing, all of which rely on observation, intuition, coordination, and luck (when we catch fish). We don't forget our day-to-day concerns; they just get put into the backs of our minds where they seem to work things out. Could this process of thought shuffling be the reason it takes some of us longer than others to get into full fishing mode than others?

With the flows on the Guadalupe River, downstream of Canyon Lake, running higher than average, it's hard not to find it a little discouraging when it comes to being able to fish it... I just keep in mind what happened last year... this made for a wonderful early morning fishing experience in mid-to-late June, which I'd like to refer to as "drifting dry flies at dawn."

When I began writing this column, a little more than two years ago, I named it "around the next bend" for a simple reason -- I'm always curious to find out what will happen next, or discover and learn about new places and things, that are seemingly just out of sight, figuratively speaking, around the next bend.

I hope that you will enjoy our journeys together in exploring and pondering what awaits us around the next bend.

Michael Brown

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