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Monthly Newsletter of the Central Texas Flyfishers March 2002 Vol. 8 No. 3

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March 12, 2002
CTF Meeting at Lion's Club Pavilion, City Park in San Marcos, 7:00 p.m.

March 26, 2002
Fly Tying night at Bob Blagg's Vet hospital (Tickle-Blagg) Located on Hwy 80, right across from Race Trac and Wal-Mart

To be determined
Monthly Outing, white bass fishing, location -- where ever they're running. Check the website for details.



President: Joel Chavez
Vice President: Angela Arciniega-Rodriguez
Conservation: Billy Wofford
Outings: Michael Brown
Secretary: Marcus Rodriguez
Treasurer: Bob Blagg

Clip Art from Dave Whitlock

Kid Fish:
Bright Smiles and Rainbows

Kid Fish Day arrived when Angie, Marcus, Mike, Steve, Brian, my brother Reg and I showed up for a delightful event with the most enthusiastic bunch of kids. We were joined by a group from the Parks and Recreation Department, a couple of guys from The Canyon Bass Club, and several volunteers from SWT. The dawn of the day could only be overshadowed by the gleaming smiles of those kids. I am sure that many of the attendees recognized some of these kids from last year and the year before.

My thoughts were consumed by one small kid named Jose. Jose remembered me from last year and immediately latched onto me as his personal guide. We caught fish and with the catching of each fish the shout of glee exploding from his small frame was compounded by the delight at hauling in the "big one". Angela was wheelchair-bound and recognized me. With a smile encompassing her entire face and with arms flung open wide, she pleaded for and then gave me the warmest hug of the day. Her teachers looked at me and said, "You must be Bill, Angela has talked about you ever since we planned this trip." Another young lad, Charles who could not verbalize anything and shunned all men, warmed up to me when he caught his second, third and fourth fish. After getting a hug, his teachers said he had never warmed up to anyone like that before because he came from an abusive home.

The afternoon crowd was robust and delightful to work with. Many of these kids probably will never know the joys we experience as fly fishers, simply because their world is so different from the norm. Few people will take the time to take them along into the everyday world we enjoy so much. I have often been asked, "Why do you do it?" My answer is, "why not!" When someone experiences what we experienced that day, I think he/she will come away with a whole new perspective on what it is all about.

Billy Wofford


I am Proud

February has come and gone, and March is finally here. We experienced spring-like conditions throughout February and now (as I'm writing this) in the beginning of March we are experiencing winter-like conditions. I just don't know. This is typical of Texas weather.

Unlike the Texas weather, CTFF is stable, warm, and straight forward. Stable, because it is nice to walk into the monthly meeting and see all the familiar faces and all the new ones. Warm, because as a club we will take the time out of our busy days to see that under privileged or special needs children can catch a few trout. And straightforward, because as it all boils down, we are in it for the love of fly fishing.

I am very proud to be part of a club in which the members will take time out of their busy days to lend a hand to the community. I am also proud that our club actually fishes and explores the surrounding countryside.

February was an exciting month. I was able to fish with several CTFF members. Matt Jennings, Mike Brown, and Bob Blagg took a trip to New Mexico and fished the Rio Penasco. Also, Bill Webb told me of some rivers that he has recently explored and how great the fishing would be on them. Bill Webb inspires me. As far as the rest of the group, we are out there every day fishing or at least testing the waters. I look forward everyday to read the CTFF message board and see what our fellow addicts have to say.

March is going to be awesome.

Marcus Rodriguez.

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Clip Art from Dave Whitlock

Member of the Month:
Michael Brown

What's your favorite quarry/fly/river/etc...??
My favorite fish to go after on the fly are large perch and anything else that gives a good show of itself. My favorite fly is the one that is catching fish when it is presented. My favorite rivers are those that are pretty, have access, and are fishable.

Where is your dream fly fishing destination?
I really would like to travel to New Zealand and try my luck there. Everything I've seen/read about the place describes it as beautiful, and the fishing challenging.

How about a favorite stretch of a Hill Country river, with put in and take out locations?
It's very difficult to choose one stretch, they all have merit. For the amount of fun when the water conditions permit, the Webberville float (between the two parks) on the Colorado is hard to beat. Simply paddling upstream and fishing/floating back to the put in works well too.

If you were going on a fishing trip and was limited in what you could take, what weight rod, what single fly, and one fishing partner would you take?
If it's dry fly season on a trout stream, I'd definitely take the Four Weight, some light cahills (or other multipurpose dry) and any number of fellow dry fly junkies I know.

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered while fishing?
Seeing Matt Jenning's statement about illicit relations between swimmers at Five Mile Dam come true minutes after he said such things take place there.

What is your biggest fish on a fly?
I think it is a tie between a Carp, a Catfish, and a Rainbow Trout, all of which were over 24 inches long.

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