Where Do WE Fish?
A Photographic Essay: St. Edwards Park
by Kim Heaston

My father, during his first 87 years, had been an avid photographer and is now too frail to use his beloved camera equipment. While I was visiting him last December he gave me his trusty Nikon F 35mm camera and some stuff to go with it. I bought some extra lenses and had an idea of how to mix my new found hobby with that wish to share what I see when I am out on a fishing trip.

I have often tried to describe those places where I have fished. Like Bill Wofford says, "fishing is not just about catching, it is also about sharing, sharing something that only another angler truly understands." I am also asked by incredulous listeners, "Where do you fly fish in Texas?" That and the awesome beauty of the Texas Hill Country are I what I want to share with you in this series of articles. This won't be photos of a bunch of oddly dressed people showing you the fish they caught. This where we fish and sometimes, why we fish. I hope that those other than anglers can understand.

This first series of photographs are in the city of Austin inside of St. Edwards Park. The park is rustic and has unmarked trails that lead through almost pristine Hill Country landscape. Bull Creek runs through the park and has many springs to feed it and weirs to hold fish. It is often tough to fish because it is so brushy. The water is often gin clear and the fish are easily spooked. But even if you don't catch a fish you can't come away without sensing the wild beauty of this place.

  • St Edwards 001
    Perch Pool
  • St Edwards 002
    Reflections and Rises
  • St Edwards 003
    The Weir at St. Edwards
  • St Edwards 004
    Overgrowth on Trail
  • St Edwards 005
    Spring Pool
  • St Edwards 006
    Going Downstream
  • St Edwards 007
  • St Edwards 008
    Late Afternoon in the Hill Country
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